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Madison County, NY

Survery for Town of Lincoln 2014

May 18, 2014
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Residents of the Town Of Lincoln,

The Town Board has been exploring the idea of constructing a new Town Office Building since the town clerks office was moved from a residence on Oxbow Road to the current location at the Town Hall. There are several reasons why we have decided to pursue this idea and many have to do with state and federal compliance, in addition to insurance and security implications.

The current Town Hall if fully occupied with staff offices, storage, town court and multifunction spaces that often conflict because the current use of the facility is in greater demand than ever before. The building itself is on the historical register and is in need of some repairs such as crumbling foundation walls, water infiltration, leaking roof, chimney deterioration and a few other items.

We had originally thought it was advantageous to work with the fire district on a joint project and began having joint meetings and developed draft concept documents. With a number of logistical issues the Town Board chose to remove itself from the building project that the fire district was working on so as to not impede their progress.

Since then the Town Board has chosen to develop some questions to get as much public input as possible before moving forward. We are looking for your participation by completing the questions below that will help guide the Town Board in its decision making process.

This project will have no effect on the Town Tax Rate as funds have already been set aside.

We look forward to your input and constructive reply.

You may reply by circling your selections, record your name and address then send to:

    Mail: Town Of Lincoln Survey, 3849 Timmerman Rd., Canastota, NY 13032

   Drop off at: Town Clerks Office, 3849 Timmerman Rd., (Clockville) on,

                                           monday,and friday 9:am 3:pm, wednesday 1:pm 6:pm.

   E-mail to: