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Welcome to the Town of Lincoln!  Welcome to the Town of Lincoln!  Welcome to the Town of Lincoln!



   Welcome to the Town of Lincoln. We are the youngest of all the Madison County Towns being a result of a separation from the Town of Lenox in 1896.  Our community is predominately made up of agriculture and residential areas that have remained consistently stable with exception to a population increase of greater than 47% in the 1980's. We believe this increase was due to new residential areas that grew because of people desiring the peaceful rural setting and wanting to get away from suburban and city neighborhoods.

   We would like to encourage you to visit our town taking advantage of its history and its great views. We have two hop houses identified on the Madison County Hop heritage trail in addition to a few more that are still in existence today. Our Town Hall once a schoolhouse was revitalized in the late 1980's after a citizens group acquired funding to return the facility to it's original configuration. It today is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

   Our Dairy farmers have been instrumental leaders in their industry. They have worked with the soil and water conservation district to utilize erosion control methods in crop management such as strip planting. They have worked with the Cornell Cooperative Extension to provide education programs in heard management & health to other local farmers in addition to being instrumental to the future of the farming industry by leading 4H groups and Future Farmer Programs.

   Other farms have either sprang up or converted to Equestrian boarding and training for pleasure, competition or racing at the nearby Horse Harness Racing Track. Beef, Goat and Sheep are also a common site mostly at small family farms typically used for pleasure and consumption. Other farms are used for the cash crop industry.

   The Callanan Quarry located on Tuttle Road has been in operation for 100 years and supplies Crushed Stone products including Blacktop to many Municipalities as well as local trucking and construction companies. There are several other family businesses and shops in Lincoln that offer great old-fashioned customer service that you just don't find anymore.

   We have two parks in town; one is a disk Golf Course with a pavilion and lots of space for walking and is used for sledding in the winter. The other park has a ball field and pick nick area located at the top of the Oxbow.

   In the future we are anticipating a Wind Power Generation site and a Gas to Power facility that could be attractive for reduced power costs to any new business or industry to the area. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our site and hope to see you soon.


Respectfully and Sincerely,

Darrin Ball                  


Historic Buildings in the Town of Lincoln

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